About Us

Cognicio Technology Partners formed with the purpose to create products in a niche but extremely important and historically overlooked area of business – inspections and preventive maintenance. Inspections are the cornerstone of quality assurance yet they only come into the spotlight when a problem occurs.  Cognicio works to close that gap.

Our products help this process

Whether you’re a building inspector covering an apartment complex, a quality assurance engineer overseeing a factory, or a facilities manager in Parks and Recreation or Educational Institutions – Cognicio can improve your process and save your previous time and money.

Meet the Team

Steve Larson

Sales & Marketing Partner

Accomplished and integrity-driven professional offering over 25 years of business success in several diverse industries with progressive success managing corporate account development, sales management, marketing management, team-building, business development, strategic planning, manufacturing, consumer products, creative marketing, brand management and customer relationships. Recognized as an exceptional leader, with a proven track record of achieving performance improvement and leadership in Sales and Marketing departments.

Success-focused, customer oriented, analytic, creative minded, strategic thinker who learns quickly, utilizes expertise, and produces immediate results to improve the bottom line and enhance business objectives.

I live in the beautiful city of St. Augustine, Florida. I have a beautiful wife, 4 amazing children and enjoy working out, family vacations, and obstacle course racing.

Ben Klein

Technology Partner

My focus, in over 21 years of experience, has always been to build software, architect data, and analyze data to solve business problems. My goal is to keep things simple, while providing eloquent solutions. While I tend to favor certain technologies, I try to be technology agnostic. I do not just consider myself a developer, architect, engineer, or scientist. I consider myself a technology and business evangelist. Using my years of technical experience and both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, 

I feel that I bring something unique to the table: a technical professional who understands truly the business point of view.

As a firm believer in the K.I.S.S. principle, I believe solutions do not need to be complex for complexity’s sake. The goal is to solve business problems by means of building or integrating software, architecting data storage, and analyzing collected data.

I reside in my alma mater, Gainesville, Florida. I have an amazing wife and 6 very different and fun loving children. We’re all a bunch of nerds who love everything from art to science, Legos, comic books and movies.

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